Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vegan Chocolate Pudding

Have you ever had one of those days… where nothing seems to work? You burned your cookies… over-mixed your dough… got carried away and over-spiced your meal… This was me last week. Nothing seemed to be going my way in the kitchen. After one more failed attempt at a culinary delight, I closed shop, grabbed my yoga mat and headed to the studio for a much needed detox.

Some days just go like that. They are messy. But messes can be beautiful things too because they help you to take a step back and reflect. The messy days make you appreciate the other days… Where everything seems to fall into place. You just click.

So in honor of the other days here is a simple dessert, from my lovely friend Tammy (from The Sweet Tomato). Vegan Chocolate Pudding.

If you are craving chocolate then this is for you. Pudding that gives the Jello Pudding Cup a run for its money. No joke, this is ridiculously easy, fast and delicious. Soft tofu provides the base for this dessert and trust me, it really is just as smooth and creamy as the real thing.

You can proceed without caution and indulge without fear because this dessert… you really can’t mess up. :)


Serves 4
start to finish: 10 minutes (not including refrigeration)
  • 1 12 oz package of soft tofu (I prefer Silken tofu because it has a mild flavor)
  • 1 cup gluten & dairy-free chocolate chips, melted
  • 1 tsp vanilla, optional
In a small nonstick sauce pan slowly melt chocolate chips over low heat, stirring continually. Once melted, combine chocolate sauce, tofu and vanilla in a food processor and blend until very smooth. Pour into 4 ramekins and refrigerate for 1 hour before serving.


  1. The pudding looks really delicious and its also easy and simple to make. Great lightning in the photography, picture looks really good.

  2. I can't believe there's only 3 ingredients! I'm a vegetarian "dabbling" in veganism and I can't wait to try this.

  3. Thank you Ali and Hillary!
    This is easy to make. Too easy! But so delicious.
    Make sure to use the Silken tofu that sits on the grocery shelf.
    It's the best. :)

  4. I'd love to make this, but I can't have soy or gluten or milk.:(
    Any ideas for substitutions?

    Thank you!

  5. Deb, I have some thoughts but it requires a bit of testing. I'm thinking coconut milk thickened with cornstarch would produce a nice pudding.

    I will work on this for you so keep your eyes peeled.

  6. Thanks so much, but I can't do corn, either. :(
    Coconut milk is ok. It's not much fun sometimes.
    I appreciate your help very much.

  7. Deb - Have you ever done anything with coconut cream concentrate? It thickens nicely and is very creamy in recipes.

  8. No, I haven't Marissa. I will check it out.
    Thanks so much!

  9. Deb, you could also try arrowroot, tapioca or Kuzu starch.

    I'll keep working on something. :)

  10. Replies
    1. Deb, check out the Allergy Free Pudding I made. I think this worked well. Let me know what you think. :)


  11. deb, I woul try to place a can of heavy coconut milk in the fridge over night and then open it the next spoon out the solids and leaving the water and whipping that with a stand mixer or handheld.