Sunday, May 22, 2011

Parsley Mediterranean Grille

I crave Mediterranean food all the time. I really enjoy eating dishes that feature fresh lemon and parsley. Both have such nice bold flavors and Mediterranean food really seems to use these ingredients well.

When I’m in the need for a Mediterranean fix I will visit Parsley. Parsley is more of a fast food style dining experience but the food is pretty delicious. It’s located in downtown GR across from the GRAM in a neat, clean, new establishment.

The service is very good but you might have up to a 15 minute wait, due to your meat being grilled fresh with each order. They have a variety of options for the gluten and dairy-free and the staff has been very knowledgeable in my experience. My favorite dish is the Chicken Kabob dinner. The chicken has a nice char and they serve it with very a flavorful garlic dipping sauce. Yum yum. Your breath will not thank you but your belly will. :)

It’s a bit pricier than the average fast food shop, around $30 for two, but the food is fresh and worth it.

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