Monday, September 5, 2011

If you're going to San Francisco…

Jon and I just returned from an amazing long weekend in San Francisco. Friends of ours, CJ and Maya, just tied the knot and we flew out to help celebrate their special day. I love San Fran. It’s a beautiful city, stacked on the side of a mountain, that has a wonderful spirit. The wedding took place in the Presidio, which is the old Military base that overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay. Its a great area that is now open for civilians to inhabit and enjoy.

Jon and I had the opportunity to steal away and spend a couple of hours in the Muir Woods. This is one of the few Redwood forests remaining and it was breathtaking to see. These majestic trees are relatives to the Giant Sequoia and can grow to over 250 feet high. While taking in their beauty I decided to rock a few yoga poses in their honor.
Muir Woods

Rocking a tree

A little dancer

Jon, looking for Ewoks

One of the many lovely things to enjoy in San Fran is the food. In fact, every restaurant I went to was accommodating to my food sensitivities. My favorite spot was a little place called The Plant Cafe Organic. Affordable, local and organic food served with thoughtfulness and a smile. I dined their twice and both meals were wonderful. Plus, they even had a gluten-free/vegan chocolate hazelnut cake that about knocked me over. It was amazing! The texture was light and spongy while the frosting was thick and creamy. Delicious! If you are ever in the area I highly recommend this modern, tasty little spot.

Even the San Fran airport has great food options. Jon and I hit up the Napa Farms Market before jumping on the plane to fly back to the Midwest.

Overall it was the perfect weekend. We met a lot of lovely people who took us in and made the weekend absolutely fantastic. Thanks for getting married CJ & Maya. :)


  1. super jealous of your trip to SF! I dream of going there one day. That cake looks AMAZING too :-)

  2. It is amazing, beautiful and full of life. Definitely a great city to visit if you ever get the chance!