Sunday, June 12, 2011

BabyCakes NYC

Two Christmas’s ago, I was lovingly gifted a gluten-free cookbook by BabyCakes (thank you Natalie). I feel in love immediately. BabyCakes is a gluten-free bakery in Manhattan. They specialize in desserts, with an emphasis in cupcakes, that offer all-natural, organic alternatives free from the common allergens: wheat, gluten, dairy, casein and eggs. Their book is wonderfully written with beautiful pictures and amazing recipes.

That summer Jon and I took a road trip to NYC and my #1 place to visit was this delightful little bakery. Yes, it’s the furthest I’ve ever traveled for dessert but who doesn’t love a great cupcake? Especially if it’s one you can eat!

FYI… Their frosting is crazy good! It’s easy to make, sweet but not too sweet, the perfect compliment to any cake. And to be completely honest sometimes I just forget about the cake and snack on the frosting… ;) Which is what I found myself doing this past weekend!

Stay tuned… chocolate frosting to come…


  1. Any place with the Golden Girls at the checkout works for me. I had their cookies and really liked em

  2. I totally forgot how excited you were about that pict.

    And yes, their chocolate chip cookies rocked.

  3. love this! and please save me some of that chocolate frosting :) looks so delish!!!